Wow, what a busy month it’s been so far at Saucisse!  We have had the pleasure of welcoming customers from all corners of the globe, proof that our beautiful city of Cape Town is still a huge attraction for international tourists!  In this regard, our newly constructed website has been a great success. 2 tour groups of 35 and 28 from The Netherlands even booked in advance for a buffet luncheon.  Luckily the weather was perfect so our guests enjoyed the ambience of The Old Biscuit Mill courtyard, where Amanda created a wonderful buffet table in front of the deli! We have also had tourists from a wide selection of eastern countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and Japan!

 On top off all this, Saturday a week ago, was one of the most exciting happenings in Amanda’s culinary career:  Brittan’s first three Michelin starred chef, the famous chef and restaurateur, Michel Roux Snr and his wife arrived at Saucisse, and ordered a meat and cheese platter for lunch! When Amanda exclaimed that “my goodness, there is Michel Roux!”, I, being the stupid old dad said: “who is she?” To which Amanda replied: “Dad, it’s a “he”, who happens to be a world famous chef!”  Well, now I know!  

 For me, one of the bonuses I enjoy, assisting my daughter as her cashier is I also get to meet many of our up- country customers, who all, I am proud to say love our food and the atmosphere of the deli itself. Having grown up in George, during the 50’s, it is quite a something meeting new customers who hail from The Garden Route area; especially if they remember my old school and my family’s department in the town.  Of course, being hard of hearing has its problems.  An amusing story, a few years ago, a customer came into Saucisse and asked me, or I thought I heard her ask me, “Do you have croutons here?”  The customer looked quite perplexed, when I replied that I would quickly go and ask the chef. Returning, I say “Sorry madam we do not stock croutons”, to which the customer exclaimed: “No, I asked if you accept credit cards here!”  Oops! Close, but sadly not close enough!  I suppose that the price one pays employing a 70-something!  Well at least I am still able to smile. Till next time, will keep you posted!

AuthorAmanda Lewis