Whilst at the Biscuit Mill, I visited Saucisse Boutique Deli and was shown around and given an introduction by Amanda Lewis, who opened here with her Dad in a bid to keep the fresh food theme alive throughout the week - and not only on Market Days.

Amanda and Derek specialize in sourcing meats and cheese from small producers from all over South Africa. Amanda, a real food lover and qualified chef, says she ‘was inspired to open a deli called Saucisse, which is French for little sausage, after visiting the many charming hands-on owner-run boulangeries and charcuteries which play such a pivotal role in the every day life of each community in both France and Italy.’

Lucky for us, as this truly is one of the finest selections of personally sourced hand-picked food I’ve seen. I like too that they don’t have a menu, but encourage tasting and creating your own from what is on offer. The shelves are heavy with preserves, olives, oils, rubs, chocolates and treats, whilst the fridges burst with choice. Add freshly bakes bread, and a coffee from the neighbor Espresso Lab, and you have a winning combination. 

Items are carefully packaged and look so wonderful I don’t want to unwrap them.


AuthorAmanda Lewis