A few weeks ago, I popped into an Hermanus restaurant and found the menu somewhat uninspiring; there was nothing that made me want to eat it. Don’t get me wrong, though. It was not the fault of this extremely popular restaurant. It wasn’t that the food was not good, it was that I had a hankering for a bit of this dish and part of that one, and, ooh, maybe with a slice or two of a third.

Sometimes, you just want to create your own meal without actually making it, which is why I have always loved Saucisse Deli. Besides a few daily specials, you can literally create your own meal and while away a good few hours savouring every delicious bite. A smorgasbord of the freshest, best quality local products are on offer, from cheese and charcuterie to freshly baked bread and divine bakes.

That said, Saucisse is not just for the indecisive among us. It’s the place to enjoy a leisurely lunch made from top quality ingredients after which you get to stock up on deli delights guaranteed to inspire your own culinary creativity. Could Saucisse get any better? We didn’t think so. Until now, that is.

Amanda and her parents

While always a supporter of local products, Saucisse owner Amanda Lewis returned from a trip to Zambia, where she managed Greenpop’s eco-kitchen, and re-assessed how she ran her own business. Then she set about making some changes.

Now, Saucisse stocks only local products, including free-range eggs and pork, badger friendly honey and natural, raw fynbos honey, predator-friendly products, fair trade chocolate and organic products. Packaging is bio-friendly and plastic free. Cleaning products are eco-friendly, as is lighting, and recycling has been embraced by all the staff members, who have carried this ethos into their own homes. If that isn’t enough, chefs are chosen from an NGO cooking school and personally trained by Amanda.

Amanda tells me that most customers have embraced her switch to sustainability, happily paying a little more for certain products. And top restaurateurs in the area have popped in to discuss her initiatives and observe progress. If a few more restaurants institute even a few sustainable practices, it is a positive move forward for the local community and Cape Town.

We applaud Amanda and the team at Saucisse.

Amanda and her dad

Unit A112, Old Biscuit Mill
021 447 7177


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AuthorAmanda Lewis